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Sail Trim Products Pop Quiz


Take this simple test to determine your sail trim level of knowledge

What settings would you use for the following main sail controls going to windward in 1 to 3 knots of wind? You have 2 minutes to complete this test.


  1. Traveler - where is it placed on the track?
  2. Mainsheet - how much tension and why?
  3. Halyard - how much tension and why?
  4. Outhaul - how much tension and why?
  5. Cunningham -how much tension?
  6. Vang - how much tension and what else could you do to help your sail shape?
  7. Draft Depth - what %?
  8. Draft Position - what position on the boom ? ( 30% -60%)
  9. Telltails - what are the leech telltails and center mainsail telltails suppose to be doing?
  10. Mast Bend - how much?
  11. Batten - where should the top batten be pointing?
  12. Leech line - how much tension?
  13. Crew Position - what side and where on the boat?
  14. Twist- how much?

The following are the answers collectively obtained from authors such as Dennis Conners, Gary Jobson, North Sails et al and over 50 varies writers in sailing magazines.

  1. Slightly windward of center.
  2. Ease sheet because sail needs twist.
  3. Ease because draft needs to be aft.
  4. Ease slightly because you need a fuller bottom.
  5. No tension.
  6. No tension and use the topping lift to hold the boom up.
  7. 14%-15%
  8. 50% or slightly further aft.
  9. Leech TelItails - top just begins to flow. If top disappears, the sheet is too tight. Center Telltails - windward and leeward should both be streaming.
  10. Straight
  11. Top should be parallel to the boom but can point slightly to weather.
  12. Tight
  13. Leeward and forward.
  14. Minimum


Note:  On telltails - I have the standard ones on the leech but I also have a set (one on each side) in the center of the main slightly forward of center.



Lastly, if you can't answer the majority of the Pop Quiz questions do not be dismayed as you are not alone.  75% of sailors worldwide can't answer them either.  In fact, of the hundreds of sail trim seminar participants who have taken this quiz, only one person has correctly answered all of the questions.  The majority of sailors answer less than half the questions correctly.  Help is at hand.  After you read and digest the sail trim information contained in The Sail Trim Users Guide and The Sail Trim Chart you will easily be able to answer all questions correctly and within the time allotted.  Just imagine that if you are able to easily answer this quiz how easy it will be for you to make adjustments to your sails when you are on the water.


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