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Sail Trim Products Testimonials



Sail Trim Chart Testimonials:

Just got back from the Newport/Ensaenada race and wanted to thank you for our trophy.  Your CHART helped us win 5th place in PHRF class H.

-Bill King


Chart looks good.  Much more practical than a large text on sail theory.

-Frank Foote


Thanks to the SAIL CHART we took 1st place in the double handed around Catalina race.

- Bill King


When it comes to racing, you can't go wrong with the SAIL TRIM CHART.  Best $15 you'll ever spend.  I cruise and have learned more about sail trim from the CHART.

- Danny Jones        Catalina 27 Mainsheet Editor


All of the information from all the books is distilled down to double-sided reference cards.  I like the way the information is organized.

- Tony Toskas


No doubt CHART will help all but the most proficient.  Chart is sail trim in a nutshell.

-Larry Dill


I'm impressed at how simple and logically the CHART is laid out.

-Mike Marco


Chart is more than I expected.  Format is easy to understand.  After finishing 6th in our fleet, I can't wait to see how much I improve using the CHART.  Best $15 I've spent on sailing.

-Gary Simmons


Went from 5th - to 6th - to 1st by 5 minutes on Saturday using the CHART.

-Tom Allen


Don has rounded up sail trim information from numerous sources and compiled it into a simple to read "Sail Trim Chart".  I'm impressed and think it is well worth the money.

-Randy Garrett


Comprehensive material conveyed in a concise and lucid manner.

-Bruce Chilton


Sail Trim Chart is our overall #1 best selling item!

-Planet Catalina


I am a sailor for many years and your product is accurate, helpful and wonderful.

-Niels Kisling          Marine Manager - Davis Instruments



  Sail Trim Seminar Testimonials:

This is the best class Marina Sailing has to offer.

Brian Faith
Sailing Instructor
Marina Sailing

Thank you for your plain English approach to sail trim.

Kate Keeler

I am glad to have found a single source for all the answers on sail trim.


Class was a little technical but well done. The "On The Water Session" really pulled it together for me.

Trisha Jackson

After 30 plus years of sailing, now I may be able to get it done correctly.

Jere Seibert

Going into the class, I had no idea how sails should be set. That part of the class was very informative and easy to understand. A GOOD class.


Practical information, presented clearly and concisely. Let me know when the next follow-up class will be taught.

Robert freeman

This was my first time attending this type of class and I found it so informative. It was great going out on the water to practice what we learned.


At the "On The Water" session you were not just told to do a specific thing but asked to figure out what to do and explain why you were making a particular sail trim adjustment.

Steve Guest

Well organized. Great information, which was not too technical and not too easy


I got a lot out of the seminar. I would not have minded an optional one or two hours more!!

Ken Kay

Thank you for a major contribution to Shoreline Yacht Club. You put a lot of time, hard work and yourself into a very successful presentation.

Tom Herron
Shoreline Yacht Club



  Sail Trim Users Guide Testimonials:

Dear Don,

I have one of your books and I have found the most useful sail trim book I have ever read and I have had several previous books.  Congratulations as you've made sail trim fun and understandable by making it simple and concentrating on the fundamentals!

Alex Cross



The Sail Trim Users Guide has helped me to add one to one and a half knots to my sailing speed, of which I am grateful to you.  I believe with more practice, I can and will finally see hull speed on my boat.

Mac Smith



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